It’s “Easy” To See Why We Love Hinds

Our fave messy Madrid rockers

Last year, we couldn't stop talking about Hinds. The Madrid-based indie rock band released their debut album, Leave Me Alone, earlier this year and it was everything we wanted and more. Today, the girls are back in town with a brand new music video for "Easy." Typically, we watch Hinds wander around aimlessly looking super cute, but this footage shows them in a new light—and it's a huge mess. (We're talking mascara-smeared eyes and mouths full of spaghetti.)

Directed by John Strong, the visual captures the self-destructive methods that people often turn to after a breakup. In a press release, Hinds said that the song is about "the worst moment in the universe during a relationship 'cause you love him, but he doesn’t anymore." If you ever wondered how you look when you're miserable, proceed to watch the video; it might make you reconsider your appearance.

Watch the band clean up their mess in the video, above.