editor’s pick: part of your world

yes, we are so ready for hipster jasmine.

It's no secret that I have a passion for all things Disney. The movies, the parks, the princesses. I basically almost cry every time I talk about going to Disney World because I love it so much. So naturally, when I see a crew-neck sweatshirt like this one from Cakeworthy with Jasmine on it, I have to have it. Not to mention it's Jasmine with tattoos. Combining my love for tattoos and my love for Disney almost blows my mind it's so good.

It got me thinking: So many Disney princesses are ready for a 21st century hipster upgrade. Like, Ariel could get ombre hair or Belle could totally pull of thick-frame glasses. Who would you want to see modernized? Sound off on Twitter and Facebook, and then get your own Jasmine sweatshirt here.