How To Live Your Holographic Festival Fantasy

Cosmic BB

by nylon

If last year was the year of realizing things, 2017 is the year of highlighting things—beauty-wise, that is. The shinier and more cosmic, the better. Here for it! The playful escapist nature of music festivals makes them ideal playgrounds to truly go hard on the iridescent paint. Throw glitter on everything and find yourself the shiniest, most Milky Way-esque look you can because, this year, festival fashion isn't about shooting for the moon, it's about floating amongst the stars. We rounded up eight products that will help you do just that. The category is holographic realness. Do the most when dressing like the iridescent cosmos. That's how we're rolling this year. Come with?

— This slide is sponsored by tarte —

Ten luminous shadows, a strobing eye, and a highlighter? In one? And it's made with Amazonian clay, minerals, and natural vanilla extract? Say no more. Iridescence is yours for the taking.

tarte, limited-edition make believe in yourself eye & cheek palette, $40, available at tarte.

Beam us up, Space Queen!

Home Cooked Karma, Holographic Twosie, $90, available at NYLONshop.

— This slide is sponsored by tarte —

Tarte put its iconic mascara through the glow-up machine and out popped this metallic beauty. Matching your festival look with your festival makeup is something to strive for. Plus, when it makes your lashes practically extend to the cosmos, why not reach for that sartorial star?

tarte, limited-edition lights, camera, lashes™ 4-in-1 mascara, $23, available at tarte.

A mini backpack is ideal for any festival function. All you need are the essentials; anything else is just too extra.

Rare, Silver PU Hologram Backpack, $34.78, available at Rare London.

Adidas updated its classic shoe with some cosmic vibes. Here for it!

adidas Originals, Superstar in 'White/White/Iridescent,' $69.99, available at Champs Sports.

What, like you were going to let your socks not shine on? As if!

ASOS, ASOS Sheer Glitter Ankle Socks in 'Lilac,' $6.50, available at ASOS.

Our festival motto: Get shade, don't throw it.

Foster Grant, DD.3, $68, available at Foster Grant.

Top it all off with some glitter roots, because if you're ever going to experiment with that trend, a music festival is where to do it.

The Gypsy Shrine, Chunky Silver Mix Glitter, $10, available at Dolls Kill.