Watch HOLYCHILD And Mereki’s New “Not Invited” Music Video

Watch their latest video

Growing up, you're told that all of the mean girl cliques dissipate after high school and that it's only a matter of time before everyone's accepted. Unfortunately, that's not really reality—crews and "squads" are one of life's ever-present existences. But, as HOLYCHILD and Mereki point out in their new single, "Not Invited," it's much cooler to resist the urge to conform.

With the duo's signature brat pop sounds and Mereki's sweet vocals, the track is a self-assured anthem. It makes you want to dance away whatever feelings of pain or rejection you may have harbored up deep inside. Directed by frontwoman Liz Nistico and shot in Mexico, the video proves that you don't need a big group to have a good time. As Nistico says in her description of the video, "It’s a fashion show party where cliques don’t exist, it’s like being alone and together all at the same time."

HOLYCHILD is also dropping their new EP, America Oil Lamb, today. In a statement, Nistico describes the album as "pop and experimental and sarcastic and sad and hopeful." She continues: 

To us, it's not only a representation of where we're at personally, but the world at large. We believe that music listeners are excited to not only be challenged by what they hear, but they're ready to talk about societal issues as well. Whether it’s Donald Trump threatening to build a wall against Mexico or the U.K. leaving the European Union, we’re in this to challenge such divisive forces and bring us together. It's an inspiring time to be an artist, and we feel honored to have this conversation.

Listen to the track, above.