The ‘Home Improvement’ Cast Is Reuniting

jtt 4-ever

15 years after the season finale of Home Improvement, a majority of the Taylor family is reuniting once again on a special episode of Tim Allen's sitcom, Last Man Standing. On tonight's episode, airing at 8pm EST on ABC, former teen hearththrob Jonathan Taylor Thomas and all-star mom Patricia Richardson will be making cameos, fulfilling '90s nostalgia-fueled dreams nationwide.

Last year, JTT made an appearance on the sitcom as a friend of Allen's daughter, Kristen. So even though the show isn't yet revealing his role this time around, we're hoping there will be some sort of romantic connection between Kristen and JTT that will spawn into a recurring role. Richardson will play Allen's divorced neighbor. In a sneak-peek clip, premiered by Entertainment Weekly, we saw a lot of roundabout Home Improvement references—"Have we met before?" "You do look vaguely familiar"; "You like tools?" "Not as much as I used to"; "My idiot husband thought he was quite the handyman, but mostly he just set things on fire, blew things up, and complained about my cooking."

We don't know many details about the episode yet, but we're sure the trio will get themselves into some good old-fashioned "wild" Taylor family antics. It is a sitcom, after all.

courtesy of Nicole Wilder/ABC