facebook’s world domination continues—your phone is next.

by rebecca willa davis

We already knew that Facebook is practically life--it's where you confirm who you're dating, which people are your friends, what you're into, and where you're going (or have been). But are you ready for Facebook to be home?

No, they're not building some Real World-style apartment building--instead, today marks the launch of Facebook Home, an app-phone operating system hybrid that basically turns your mobile device into one big Facebook experience.

OK, here's how it works: The program, which you can download from the Google Play Store (right now it's for Androids only), turns your feed into your homescreen. Every update, every photo, every news story posted is front and center--with fullscreen images, so it looks really, really pretty. If you're the type of person who grabs their phone every five minutes to check people's statuses, rather than make a phone call, it basically cuts out the process of having to navigate to your Facebook page.

It also has a message function, dubbed "chat heads," which turns your texts into pop-up bubbles--that way, you don't have to stop what you're doing to tell your BFF that, yeah, you're down to get tix to that Charli XCX show. And if you want to, you know, make a call or look up where that crazy-good sample sale is, you just drag your little bobblehead icon (pulled from your Facebook profile, natch) to pull up your original homescreen.

If this sounds like the best news ever, we've got something to even further sweeten the deal: Facebook teamed up with HTC to launch HTC First, a smartphone which comes pre-installed with Facebook Home and is, for all intents and purposes, the very first Facebook phone. We're sure there are loads more on the way, because you didn't think that Mark Zuckerberg would stop at just one did, you?

In the meantime, get your HTC First (at just $99.99) in stores now--or download it to your Android phone for free starting today. Because there's no place like home, right?