this coconut cream is the ultimate summer skin saver.

by liza darwin

Confession: after a long winter like this one, we tend to get overly excited at the first glimpse of sun. We've been known to wear sandals a tad too early, go tights-less too soon, and generally jump the gun on summer. And while there's not anything necessarily wrong with that, we've found a beauty staple that will carry you from early spring to fall, no questions asked.

This Raw Coconut Cream from RMS Beauty is an all-in-one moisturizer, working its amazing-smelling magic on your hands, face, and body. 100% natural and filled with good-for-you nutrients and antibacterial properties, it works great as a gentle makeup remover, lightweight hand lotion, or instant face brightener.

And since nobody wants to be bogged down with tons of products in the summertime, we love that it takes just a second to smear on and go.

More time outside, less time in front of the mirror. Who can argue with that?

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