Don’t Know How To Pronounce IKEA? This Twerking Panda Is Here To Help

it’s the dance-video tutorial you’ve always needed.

For those of us unfamiliar with the Swedish language who are in the market for cheap, minimalist furniture, the names of IKEA’s various particleboard products have always been somewhat of a mystery. Is “MALM” like “mom” or “MALM” like “elm?" Should we say “IKEA” like “eye-key-ah” or is it “eye-kay-uh?" These questions haunt us at night as we lay our heads down on our HAMPDÅNs. 

Thankfully, the Malaysian branch of the world’s largest housewares company is here to help us out with a charming, colorful video that, frankly, we’d be watching even if it didn’t clarify how to say the names of some of your favorite products. Thanks to puppeteers, lamps shake their once-inanimate booties and chests of drawers dance, all in celebration of a sale that—alas—we would have to travel thousands of miles to enjoy. Oh, and as advertised, it has a twerking panda.

Crucially, by listening to the little song that goes along with all those dancing home goods, you'll getting the inside scoop on how to say all those items whose names confound and delight. Play to get a full education. Also, did you know it’s “ee-kay-yah”?