Photographed by Tory Rust


How To Wear Velvet To Holiday Parties And Beyond

Let it live beyond Christmas Eve

Velvet's a tough one. It’s a fabric we love to wear, but it has the potential to go so wrong, so fast. A prime example: the tacky bodycon holiday dress.

However, with the right styling, this textured fabric not only looks super luxurious, but it can make its way into any occasion. 

Below, with the help of stylist Heather Newberger’s velvet expertise, we show you six different ways to rock the trend—at the holiday party and beyond. From DIY-inspired mom jeans to pairing the fabric with your summer staples, be prepared to wear velvet way after the ball drops.

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Photographer: Tory Rust

Stylist: Heather Newberger

Stylist's Assistant: Miyah Fitzgerald

Makeup: Eric Vosburg

Hair: Ashley Rubell

Models: Erica Miramontes at Request, Karmay at Nomad Mgmt

Casting: Cano Castings

Photo by Tory Rust

Jazz up your jeans

If you’re looking for a way to incorporate velvet—a fabric that tends to feel pretty luxe—into your casual wear, try adding it to your choice of jeans.

Though it won’t be hard to find the perfect paneled or embellished pair out there, this trend is something any DIY enthusiast should total get behind. Whether you’re looking to patch, embellish, or trim, the possibilities are endless. “All you need is a needle, thread, and a little velvet trim,” says Newberger.

Erica is wearing a Zara top, PH5 tank top, WAH London by ASOS pants and shoes, and COS socks. Karmay is wearing an & Other Stories top, ASOS White pants, stylist's own necklace, and ASOS shoes.

Photo by Tory Rust

Pair it with your warm-weather favorites

“Velvet is the best layering piece to wear with your favorite spring and summer pieces to create looks that are perfect for all year round,” says Newberger. Throw a bomber on with a denim miniskirt or wear a turtleneck under your favorite ruffled jumpsuit, and voila—instantly, your July staples are wearable well into winter’s chill.

Erica is wearing a River Island jacket, Rosetta Getty top, Zara skirt, & Other Stories socks, and Rachel Comey boots. Karmay is wearing a Creatures Of Comfort top, Zara bodysuit, Rosetta Getty skirt, and & Other Stories boots.

Photo by Tory Rust

Replace your basics

Swapping out your basic wardrobe staples for all things velvet will instantly give your look a more high-end feel.

Opt for a long-sleeve velvet bodysuit over a simple button-down blouse, or replace your basic cotton tee with a short-sleeve top that mixes velvet with other textures and patterns, such as ruffles and mesh pinstripes.

Karmay is wearing a Courtshop jacket, & Other Stories pullover, Creatures of Comfort pants, and Carleen scarf. Erica is wearing a PH5 shirt and Ellery skirt.

Photo by Tory Rust

Take it outside

Let velvet be your new choice in cold-weather gear. “Velvet’s unique fibers make it surprisingly warm choice for winter outerwear,” says Newberger.

This season, toss your peacoats and furs aside and get warm and cozy in a velvet coat or bomber. We promise you’ll stay nice and toasty.   

Karmay is wearing an ASOS jacket, & Other Stories shirt and sunglasses, Rachel Comey pants, and Missguided shoes. Erica is wearing a First And I jacket, WHiT shirt, Courtshop pants, stylist's own shoes, and & Other Stories sunglasses.

Photo by Tory Rust

Bring it to the office

Nothing adds that little something special to a basic and bland work wardrobe like mixing in some textured pieces. “Not only will you look expensive, but just feeling the creamy, soft material can help you keep your cool—even during that long conference call,” says Newberger. 

Try adding in a velvet trouser, skirt, or jumpsuit into the mix to keep things interesting.

Erica is wearing a Zara shirt and turban, & Other Stories pants and shoes, and stylist's own glasses. Karmay is wearing a Rachel Comey jacket, Weekday jumpsuit, and stylist's own shoes and necklace. 

Photo by Tory Rust

Of course, rock it at the holiday party

We can’t deny that velvet is still our number one choice for a holiday party, but that doesn’t mean you can’t do it differently. Whether you opt for the classic LBD or switch it up with a blazer, let that texture shimmer under those nightlife lights.

While velvet is surely here for your party looks, don’t reserve it for December only. “When styled right, a good velvet dress can be worn out any time of the year,” says Newberger.

Karmay is wearing a Creatures of Comfort jacket, Wray shirt, & Other Stories skirt and tights, and Rachel Comey shoes. Erica is wearing a River Island dress, ASOS shoes, and & Other Stories tights.