testing a new eyeliner that violates our age-old rule…

by faran krentcil

Thanks to a childhood obsession with Rainbow Brite, My Little Pony, and Madonna, we love glitter. But despite our sparkle affinity, there's one place we never want to use it:  In our eyeliner.  We'd rather leave the space-age stuff to tweens like Willow Smith, and besides, is there anything more terrifying than getting big flecks of glitter in your contact lens?  We think not.

So when Stila sent us their latest eyeliner - a liquid formula infused with (yes) glitter - we were skeptical.  But being the dutiful reporters we are, we tried it anyway.  Here's what we found:

1)  This formula is a little thicker than most, which kept the glitter in place.  No stray bits of shimmer found their way into our eyes, which was a relief. 

2)  This glitter is slightly bigger and chunkier than we expected, which means it acts less as a shimmer agent, and more like a way to tone down a bold line.  This was especially great with colors like teal and purple, which can look a little harsh and Rave Baby when applied normally.

3)  Since it's waterproof, you'd better take your time applying it - wiping it off is a big of a mission unless you've got a Q-Tip and some Lancome remover.

4)  Since it's waterproof, you can wear it all night and it won't go anywhere.  We did, literally.  (Don't ask...)

Stila Sparkle Waterproof, $22 each online.