keds is going back to the future.

by faran krentcil

Have you hunted a pair of Jordache jeans on eBay? Do you wish The Bangles were on tour with The Dead Weather?  Will you always credit Jenny Lewis with Troop Beverly Hills and not Rilo Kiley?  Then you, my dear reader, are stuck in the '80s.  Which isn't necessarily a bad thing.

It's the decade responsible for Top Gun, Dirty Dancing, and Space Camp.  It's the time when MTV gave Adam Sandler and Debbie Gibson their very first microphones - and launched the change-the-world phenomenon known as the music video.  And it's when most of our NYLON cover stars were born (and our staff, too).

So it makes sense that Keds wants to pay homage to the '80s with their last Century Collection shoes.  Made in neon shades and pierced with beaded safety pins, the shoes retail for $55 to $75, only this month, and only on Keds' website.

Get them now, or wait until the time capsule opens in 2015... when according to Marty McFly, we should have hover boards and dust resistant paper.

Click here for the shoes