ice capades

wtf newest hipster pastime makes us wonder, WTF?!

by faran krentcil

It started innocently enough.

NYLON TV producer Jay Buim came into the office two weeks ago, and asked, "Has anyone here been Iced?"

We didn't know what it meant, but soon we were swept away into a new and curious summer game, courtesy of Smirnoff Ice. It seems some genius in their marketing department came up with a gross but addictive game with only two rules.

1.  If you present a "bro" with a Smirnoff Ice anytime, anywhere, they have to drink it. The more complicated and creative the presentation, the better.

2.  If you have a Smirnoff Ice on your person at the time that someone "Ices" you, the person who attempted to "Ice" you needs to drink both.  This is called an "Ice Block."

Sounds dumb?  Yeah.  But judging from this weekend's Twitters, Facebook updates, and office antics (Jay has already been "Iced" three times) it seems to be an underground obsession.

The one controversy?  Smirnoff's website is called "Bros Icing Bros" and has no imagery of girls getting in on the action.  Of course, from the stories we've been hearing, this chugging contest has no gender limits...