wish they all could be california girls…

The North Trooper hits the West Coast…

by Josh Madden

Wish they all could be California girls...

When photographer Chris Gualano (AKA North Trooper) called me up last week outta nowhere and said, "Bro...I'm going to California to shoot for a week, wanna have first looks at the photos?" I said, "Sure, but hey man, who is this?" and then hit Google.

Gualano is a renegade branding expert who divides his time between Montreal, New York City, and Los Angeles, but one thing is for sure, he always has a camera in his hands. Just a little scroll down 

his Facebook page

or a few minutes (which will indubitably become 20) on 

his Instagram feed

will prove that this dude is a pro in the "Sexy Sells" game.

Sure enough, a week after his phone call our inbox was full of 

very nice 

photos which feature a bevy of tenderonis in all of our favorite brands. The Spring collections from 


Wu Tang Brand

Born A Lion

and a few others look exceptional on these 

very nice 


Check out all of the photos above, and follow The North Trooper up on Twitter 


to see where he's headed next!