Iggy Azalea Change Your Life Video

starting with a baby tiger, ending with a suitcase of cash.

by steff yotka

Today is a good day because our favorite blonde rapper is back with a new video for the track "Change Your Life" featuring T.I.

In the music video, Azalea travels to Las Vegas to go for a swim in a chain mail bikini top, chillax with a baby tiger (watch out Siegfried and Roy!), and perform with her own troupe of showgirls. It's not the weirdest video we've seen from the Aussie artist, but there are still five things we think you should keep your eyes peeled for before you press play on the flick below. 

1. AUSTRALIA IS THE PLACE TO BE: Listen for the lyric, "We spend our winters in the summers of Australia / eating crumpets with the sailors," and then book your tocket to Oz, where every week is fleet week. 

2. THE CLEAR COWBOY HAT IS THE NEW BEANIE WITH A VEIL: Every genre of music has to have its signature headwear, and for the past year it seemed like the veiled beanie was the dominant topper in female rap. Azalea is setting a new standard with her clear plastic cowboy, but how long must we wait until we can buy one?

3. MONEY ISN'T EVERYTHING: Even if money and success can change your life, you shouldn't value the green too much. Just set a little bit of it on fire for good measure, you know, to keep yourself grounded. 

4. ONLY EVER GET ARRESTED IN A BIANCA JAGGER-STYLE SUIT: Gwen Stefani did it in orange in No Doubt's "It's My Life" video, Azalea does it in white in her latest vid. We think the wide-leg trouser is the perfect compliment to the steel handcuff. 

5. IT'S WORTH INVESTING IN SOME GOOD CONDITIONER: It's the only way we can explain Azalea's sheet of perfectly shiny blonde hair. Knowing the secret to that would really change our lives.