In Bed With Us: “Why We Work”

Our new series, featuring couples where they’re most intimate—in bed.

by nylon

The bed: It's where you sleep, dream, and have sex. It's where you and your person whisper and cuddle, and for many, it's a place of extreme vulnerability, honesty, and truth. So, we decided that for our series that takes the most intimate look at relationships, we wanted to see what would happen when we took couples, put them in bed, and filmed them talking about themselves. What's more intimate than that?

In this first episode, we asked the couples to discuss what makes them work, and we were blown away by what we captured. Watch as they reveal truths both extremely personal and universal—all in bed. Stay tuned for the rest of the series, in which the couples will answer more questions that'll get you thinking about your own relationships. And, if you find yourself compelled by their stories, we'll be profiling all of them as well.