your lipstick is trying to tell you something.

by faran krentcil

It's not hard for your friends (or your colleagues, or your enemies) to tell when you're in A Mood. You might answer questions with one word (like "no").  You might roll your eyes and ball your fists.  Or you might be wearing orange lipstick.

That's the premise, at least, with Mood Lipstick, a pack of five "colors" that purport to change hues when you change your temperament.  They're a lot like the Smurfette gloss released by Too Faced last year, which did change color - though with heat or cold, not emotion.  (Read our review here.)

Can these shades tell your mood better than your friends can? Uh, no.  But are they a fun party trick?  Totally.  Especially if you get your crush to join in on a mouth-to-mouth experiment.

$14 for Five at Urban Outfitters