in the red

this new perfume is bloody awesome.

by liza darwin

We hear about a lot of crazy beauty products at NYLON, and many of them are just that- crazy. But occasionally we'll find one that's actually ridiculously cool and weird in the best way possible.

Our latest discovery comes from Italy, where entrepreneurs Antonio Zuddas and Giovanni Castelli have spent the last several decades working to develop a perfume based on the four blood types.

Yes, we know it's kind of creepy to make scents labeled "A", "B", "AB" and "0". Yes, we did actually test them out for ourselves. And yes, we were pleasantly surprised to find that you don't have to be a blood-sucking vampire (or even a Robert Pattinson fan) to like them.

From the slightly peppery "B" to the cedar-inspired "AB," each of these unisex fragrances is subtly diverse and unexpectedly wearable. And while they don't contain actual blood (ew), the combination of ingredients like lavender and thyme intermingled with metallic notes gives them a super clean-smelling undertone that's different than any perfumes we've tried before.

So unless the mere thought of blood makes you faint, give this everyday scent a shot... we dare you.

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