topshop’s new tattoos totally “nail” it.

by liza darwin

As anyone who's spent half an hour trying to draw patterns on her fingernails can attest, nail art is usually way harder than it looks. Between the steady hand, the patience, and the time commitment involved, we usually give up halfway through and ditch the DIY project all together.

But now we can fake it til we make it, thanks to Topshop. In a total "why didn't anyone think of this first?!" situation, the U.K. retailer has just debuted a collection of temporary nail tattoos. The tiny, magic-inspired designs work like faux tattoos for your skin- just press them to your nail, seal with water, and slide it right off.

With major staying power and a result that looks straight from the salon, nobody will ever have to know your awesome nails weren't the product of your creative genius. We won't tell...

$14 for 86 designs at Topshop.