deep in the depths of instagram.

by ali hoffman

The obvious trends on Instagram are food, pets, and oh you know how us gram-ers love a good selfie, but we've dug deep to find some weird trends (so deep that they were hard to find on Google) and were surprised at what we found. For one, there's a major fitness craze sweeping this social platform. Using the hashtag #fitspo and #fitspiration (along with about 50 other hashtags on average), millions of users have banded together to inspire each other's fitness and healthy eating routines.

In some cases, the trend appears a bit harsh, even extreme, with mantras like "You want results? Then train like it." or "Double tap if you by the end of 2013 you'll be in the best shape of your life." It's a little scary, yet we haven't been able to look away. Mostly, we were astounded by the number of followers these hashtaggers have--some reaching numbers in the millions. There's a lot of rock solid abs, plates full of protein, and some serious workout getups. Getting involved can mean a major increase your own following along with lower blood pressure, but we'll stick to posting pics of our favorite indie hangouts, nail polish, and obviously ourselves. Tell us about the weirdest Insta-craze you've found in the comments section.