Instagram Is Changing The Gif-Making Game

with its new app, boomerang

Instagram has had its fair share of updates and additions this year, from finally offering non-square photo options to considering going rated R with its content guidelines. Now, it’s switched the game up again with its new app, Boomerang, announced on the Instagram blog today.

With Boomerang, users will be able to take a burst of photos that can be turned into a one-second loop. From there, they can edit the video to go forward and backward (Get it? Like a boomerang!), and then post it to Instagram or Facebook. It’s like Phhhoto, but way simpler, and with more options to share and add filters. And based on how insanely creative people got with their six-second Vines, we can only imagine that we’ll be seeing some double-tap-worthy posts all over our Instagram feeds very soon, thanks to the new app.

(via Mashable)