You Can Now Turn Your Instagram Feed Into A Coloring Book

The coolest adult coloring book

The rise in popularity of adult coloring books, paired with an ongoing obsession to perfectly capture every perfect moment via Instagram has lead to a very important, very serious adult development: You can now transform your Insta feed into a coloring book.

Adult coloring books have been in vogue for several months now, with the promise of an internet-free, TV-free means of relaxation. Coloring books featuring intricate mandala patterns, serene underwater scenes, and pretty floral designs have quickly become Amazon bestsellers and Urban Outfitters favorites. But Color Me Book has noted a void in the marketplace, and so you can now color in your favorite photos of your dog, your cat, your significant other, or hey, even your selfies. Don’t let anyone tell you how to live your life.

But even if you’re less inclined to want a colored pencil-ready printout of your latest Insta, never fear: Color Me Book also offers premade coloring books, like one dedicated to brunch and another filled with yoga poses. Wishing you were at Coachella? Console yourself with a festival-themed coloring book.

A five-page customized coloring book of your own photos is on the pricier side at $25, but can you truly put a price on the number of likes an Instagram of an Instagram coloring book is sure to receive? Absolutely not.