Photo via Instagram.

instagram’s editing tools just got WAY better


Fresh off the heels of its new collage app, Instagram's latest update is making editing your photos easier than ever. While we love programs like VSCO and Afterlight for those finishing touches and cool filters that Instagram doesn't—er, didn't—offer, the app's new features ensure that you don't have to look towards other applications to give your photos the perfect tint. With new tools like Fade and Color, you'll quickly learn how to become an Instagram celeb in no time at all.

The Fade tool is the secret to achieving a soft, folks-y glaze over your photos. Just slide the bar to soften shadows and contrast, and you'll be left with a gauzy glow. The Color tool helps you to make the most of sunsets, selfies, and more by giving the images a tint in your choice of color. 

Instagram announced the update will be available in the App Store and on Google Play in a few days. Until then, feel free to play around with the app's new post notifications feature—just go to any user's profile (like ours) and select "Turn On Post Notifications" to receive on-screen notices whenever they post. You'll never miss a double-tap opportunity again.

Photo via Instagram.

(via Buzzfeed)