Hilarious Video Exposes The Shattered Lives Of “Instagram Husbands”

their struggle is real…but also fake.

Pity the poor Instagram Husband. You know, that amiable, outwardly supportive dude who pauses to eat so that his partner can snap the perfect shot of their brunch. The stubbly bro who fakes a smile when he photographs his wife running with an American flag for the 45th time in a row. The man who endures yet another day of trying out different filters to make that shot of his loved one cradling an air plant really pop. They are out there, silent and suffering.

But their suffering is silent no more, thanks to this helpful video and related website by those crusaders at The Mystery Hour. True, there are people in the world with bigger, realer problems than these Instagram Husbands (and yes, this joke is just a biiitttt problematic). Yet, by reading their stories and watching of this video, perhaps you will spare a moment and think of them the next time you want a photo of your feet covered in sand. Powerful, powerful stuff.