soon, you’ll be able to shop your instagram feed

it was only a matter of time

Nothing good can stay pure, especially not in today's social media-obsessed capitalistic society. First, Facebook went against its initial no-ads policy, taking it to scary extremes with its cookies. Then, Tinder added strange album streams (hey, Zedd). Now, Instagram, which was purchased by Facebook in 2012, is expanding its native advertisements (because even if you don't remember following Old Navy, you'll still see their 'grams) by adding a "Shop Now" button to promotional posts. 

Eliminating the need for users to "click the link in [insert brand here]'s bio," consumers will soon be able to shop products in-app. While this function was most likely inevitable (and imminent), it will certainly take adjustment for users. Expect to see more ads than ever before, as the photo sharing app will expand its advertiser list globally over the next few months to both small, local businesses and corporate juggernauts alike. Brands will be able to target ads based on interest, age, location, and gender, so hopefully they'll deliver images akin to your tastes. 

You may groan, moan, and stomp your feet at this new development, but, in the words of my high school economics professor, "Always remember: There's no such thing as a free lunch."

(via New York Times)