Stop What You’re Doing And Watch The ‘Intervention’ Trailer

Tell us how you really feel about marriage…

As film and literature have told us time and time again, marriage can be really, really difficult. That doesn't mean that you can't laugh at it and its troubles along the way, though. This is the core of The Intervention, a new feature directed and written by actress Clea DuVall. 

The comedy revolves around a group of couples that stage an intervention for two of their friends having some serious marital problems. From there, things get complicated, to say the least. In addition to DuVall, the cast includes Cobie Smulders, Alia Shawkat, Melanie Lynskey, Ben Schwartz, Vincent Piazza, David Bernon, and Jason Ritter. To make things sweeter, the trailer also features a brand-new song from Tegan and Sara.  

The Intervention premieres on August 26. Until then, watch the hilarious trailer, above.