iPhone 6s 6s Plus Tips - Apple Hacks

the 6s means success!

Well, the time has come for all those without the new iPhones to feel the FOMO. Apple officially released the iPhone 6s and 6s Plus today, and the hacks are already flooding the Web. Sure, sure you know all about the “Live Photo” function and “3D Touch,” but did you know the lil’ (well, not-so-lil) device can transform into a trackpad? No? Same here, but the folks over at BuzzFeed do and are sharing their bounty.

The video below highlights 13 pretty cool functions us plebeians are too lazy to really explore the capabilities of their devices can do. One of the most multifaceted functions is the power of touch. BuzzFeed highlights how pressing and holding on contacts can lead to texts, calendars can lead to accepting (or declining) invites, and drawing darker lines in Notes. Siri is now voice activated, too. That’s pretty cool and kind of creepy, but hey, welcome to the 21st Century. Check it out, below.

(via BuzzFeed)