Issa Rae Is The Newest CoverGirl

Hella easy, breezy, and beautiful

I’ve been waiting on Issa Rae’s Into The Gloss Top Shelf for about two years now. Her skin puts Pharrell’s to shame, her natural hair styles on Insecure are some of the best on any television show, and her makeup is never not on point. I’m still waiting on the Top Shelf, but until that happens, at least one major brand has since recognized her hella easy, breezy, and beautiful ways. CoverGirl announced today that Rae has been appointed the latest ambassador.

“My character is ever-evolving, and makeup is a tool to help transform my persona—whether for a role I play in content that I produce, or the different roles I take on in my life,” Rae said in a statement. “Becoming a CoverGirl means a lot because the brand recognizes just how important it is for people to embrace their individuality and express themselves in unique and diverse ways.”

Diverse is a key word there. CoverGirl has had some of the more inclusive spokespeople around, including Zendaya, Sofía Vergara, Queen Latifah, Janelle Monáe, and James Charles. Now, will Rae get her own line of products is the question. If Katy Perry has one, it’s only right that Rae should, too. Now, about that Top Shelf…