urban outfitters wants to customize your clothes.

by liza darwin

It's pretty much a given: during college, you can't help but collect a customized t-shirt for every party, sporting event, and concert that takes place during those four years. And while this pile of tees might take up precious closet space after graduation, you can't bear to part with them because they remind you of that one awesome time.

Now, Urban Outfitters takes this personal idea to the masses with their new Custom T-Shirt Shoppe. The concept is simple: pick a v-neck or crewneck tee, choose one of the seven colors, and get creative. You can scan in a drawing, upload a graphic from the internet, or choose from the brand's own clip art- a far cry from the "Go team!" tees you get at school and the airbrushed tank tops you buy at the state fair.

At $28 each, these t-shirts aren't exactly cheap, but it's a small price to pay for an item of clothing that you designed yourself-and guaranteed to love.

Get started here.