Watch Jack Ü And AlunaGeorge’s “To Ü” Music Video

in their “to ü” music video

Diplo and Skrillex's joint project, Jack Ü, is easily one of the year's most definitive cultural markers. After promoting the album, especially their collaboration with Justin Bieber, over a slew of platforms, the producers are now focusing their attention on highlighting their collaboration with London electro-pop duo AlunaGeorge. This morning, they released the "To Ü" video. Shot in Detroit during a September afternoon, it offers a candid look at young love, lust, and overall life in suburbia. It doesn't try to make a grand statement about anything, but rather just documents youth culture.

“I know it’s supposed to just be a music video, and I know it's about the fleeting nature of young love or something like that, and I know that you’re not supposed to wax poetic about things like this, and I know you’re supposed to just let it be what it is, but I don’t subscribe to those things because this is what I have given my life to, and I hope you see what I see too," the director, AG Rojas, said in a statement posted on Jack Ü's website.