jackie chiles for jim beam

Sue the bears…

by Christian Lavery

Don’t worry Jackie Chiles, Kramer isn’t involved in this one. Instead, it’s the bears that he should be worried about. They’re taking all the honey, and with the current predicament known as colony collapse that the honey bees have found themselves in, well, some sort of action must be taken. So…#suethebears! Right? And yes, none other than Jackie Chiles has been hired by Jim Beam to lead the charge and represent his first case since his Seinfeld days. Because as he’s stated, "bears are egregious, devious, and just plain mischievous!" They have their paws in the honey and they want it all for themselves. But everyone loves honey! Including those that drink Jim Beam Honey, the latest whiskey creation from Jim Beam that provides for an incredibly smooth experience beginning with notes of caramel, oak, and vanilla, and finishes with a sweet taste of honey (you can thank the honey bees for that part). But as we alluded to earlier, a serious issue is troubling honey bees - they’re dying at one of the highest rates ever documented. So as Jackie begins his pursuit to put a stop to those pesky bears, Jim Beam is focusing on saving the bees and the sweet, gooey substance that they create. And you can join in the battle as well. Just use the hashtag #suethebears on Twitter, and for every time someone does, Jim Beam Honey will donate $100 to the Pollinator Partnership. The entire process will be documented on Jim Beam’s Facebook, Twitter, and Youtube channel, so sit back with a glass of Jim Beam’s Honey and watch as Mr. Chiles tries “to ensure that sweet, mouth-watering justice is served.”