photo via @christiaingrey instagram

jaden smith is back on twitter


Attention to those who have spent the past month sulking and drowning in their woes: @officialjaden is officially back. It's still up for debate on whether he's better than ever, though.

Since May 2nd, the 16-year-old has kept his wondrous, wise 140-characters or less thoughts to himself. Perhaps he's waiting for the right moment, or the right hashtag, to come to fruition. Or, perhaps, he's content with where his love life is at the moment. Because when you're not worrying about texting someone too much or if all of the girls around you are smiling, is there really anything to tweet?

Is he too busy filling his time with mathematical equations that may or may not be the key to the universe? Or maybe he simply realized that once he tweeted "the most Jaden Smith thing ever," there was no point in it all. There was no point in anything. There just was. And that "was" is more than one social media platform can handle. It's more than any of us can handle. But that doesn't mean we can't be ready for it. We must always be ready. We're waiting, Jaden. Patiently waiting.