Jaden Smith Wants You To Watch Him In This Brand New Video

“You such a hypebeast”

Jaden Smith is flexing. From rap to rock to Drake-inspired bitterness, he's flexing it all. He even name-checks Elvis, saying "it's all in the pelvis." What is "it," exactly? This is 2017 Jaden Smith and his artpop could mean anything.

With that said, the video for his latest single, "Watch Me," is a true spectacle to behold. Shomi Patwary brings the aggressive self-confidence of Smith's Yeezus-inspired track to life in acid drop colors splashed across the hazy, always pleasing SoCal desert. Smith wages a one-man war, declaring that he's been "the coolest" since 2012, a little over a year after he started tweeting prophecies.

Watch him pop, lock, and sorta drop it. Watch him brood in front of a 1967 Pontiac Firebird Convertible. Watch him distort all space and time through music. Watch him astral project to a new echelon of musical existence, one that's, as would be the case with anything Jaden or his sister Willow release, completely unpredictable, totally immersive, and shamelessly cool. Watch him watch you watch this. You know his third eye is all seeing.