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Jaime King Lashes Out Against Fashion Bloggers For Their Criticism


Well, this is kinda awkward. The Fug Girls, two fashion bloggers who have built their brand on mocking the fashion choices of celebrities, are being called out by one of their targets. Jaime King went off on the bloggers, Jessica Morgan and Heather Cocks, in a post on her Instagram, for criticizing an outfit she recently wore. She admits to once being a fan of their popular blog, Go Fug Yourself, but has since changed her mind, claiming that Morgan and Cocks are perpetuating a culture of women shaming other women. "I thought they were cheeky, rad chicks that made jokes but with a wink," she wrote. "Now I realize that not only do they exemplify the unending cycle of women bashing other women, but that they are also the new Perez Hilton of fashion 'bloggers' (before Perez turned it around realizing that words fucking HURT)." 

King, seeming genuinely fed up, didn't stop there. "Maybe when you pulverize us & all that we do, post a picture of yourselves next to it so we at least can see who is verbally assaulting us," she wrote. "Maybe consider there are REAL hearts, REAL people you are hurting. From the designers, interns, the many people that spend weeks sewing each bead, everyone that has had a dream to make pretty clothes & did." You can read her entire message, below.