jamaica “hello again”

Get stoked our favorite Frenchies have a new record on the way!!

by Josh Madden

jamaica "hello again"

The French neu-disco/indie rock/smooth electro-tunesters Antoine Hilaire and Flo Lyonnet, AKA Jamaica, are back with a new single called "Hello Again" and we're so amped right now! If you aren't familiar with these dudes, there is no better time than now--this new jam is epic.

If we were forced to describe "Hello Again," we'd say that it opens with a "Hungry Like a Wolf" Duran Duran-feel that then launches into a full-on 

Room on Fire 

era Strokes vibe. The best news of the day is that the fellas have a new record entitled 


on the way (due out March 2014)[,] and that means we'll be seeing them live again soon! Check out the teaser video for the new album below and then download "Hello" for free 


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