Listen To James Franco’s New Band Daddy And Feel Things

is this art or are we dancer?

Noted multi-hyphenate James Franco can add another hyphen to his list: musician. He and Tim O’Keefe make up the duo known as Daddy. Together, Daddy is a multimedia project consisting of installation art, film, and, of course, music. Come Spring 2016, Daddy’s debut album Let Me Get What I Want will drop, along with a full-length film by the same name. But before all that, Daddy’s released the song “You Are Mine,” a track about high-school longing.

“‘You Are Mine’ is about one teenager dreaming about another, even though they'll never be together,” the actor told Rolling Stone. To echo Franco’s statements, O’Keefe explained, “‘You Are Mine,’ like many of the songs on Let Me Get What I Want, expresses experiences that were relatable to my own high-school experience, and therefore I had a lot of my own emotions to pull from.” Indeed, the lyrics to the songs on the album are based on a piece of work called “Poems Inspired by Smiths’ Songs” lifted from his poetry book Directing Herbert White: Poems. Coincidentally, Daddy got The Smiths’ bassist Andy Rourke to play on the LP. 

The song itself is pretty New Wave-y and pulsating with art-house vibes—exactly how a James Franco musical production should sound.