Janet Jackson “No Sleeep” New Music Song 2015

all hail the true queen of pop

Make way for the return of a true icon: Janet Jackson released her first new song in seven years. It’s called “No Sleeep,” and it’s everything you want a comeback single to be.

Like answering a phone call from a long-distance best friend, Jackson picks up right where she left us. The song ticks off all the checkmarks a prime Janet Jackson song should: A two-stepping beat, sensual, breathy vocals, and an air of timelessness. 

Tickets for Jackson’s forthcoming Unbreakable world tour go on sale today. Conversations In A Cafe, the rumored title of her new album, is supposedly due to drop this fall. If “No Sleeep” is any indication, we’re in for a treat. A true 10 is about to reenter the building.