5 Jar Lunches For Every Day Of The Work Week

    It’s in the bag, errr, jar

    by · April 28, 2016

    Remember lunch boxes? Toting around a Batman vs. Robin or Spice Girls box was our elementary version of donning a Stella McCartney or Chanel purse. These culinary cases were as much about the packaging as they were about packing the PB&J. And now, tucked into cubicles instead of cubbies, a new pack is making fashionable waves at our #DeskLunch.

    Mason jars are more about the colorful contents inside than characters on the outside, showing your great taste—literally. This eco-friendly way to pack lunch also wins you good karma points for not contributing to the holes in the ozone, which never goes out of style. Another bonus of packing lunch in a jar? The glass container won’t take up much room in your work bag, but will open up great space in your wallet.

    The below recipes call for what’s probably already stocked in your pantry or refrigerator’s crisper. And for what you’re missing, a quick grocery sweep will do the trick. It’ll be cheaper than five days of buying lunch from the corporate cafeteria or the surrounding takeout haunts.

    You might not be able to fit a sandwich, apple, and cookie all in one container, but these salads will keep you just as stuffed as the jar itself.

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