The Jay Z and Beyoncé Might Be Coming Exclusively on Tidal

exclusively on tidal!

When BGR declared a few days ago that Tidal is a "spectacular flop," it echoed across the entire Internet, as hating on Jay Z's troubled streaming service has become our new favorite pastime. But this is Jay Z we're talking about, and Jay Z always wins.

Fuse host DJ Skee dropped a bombshell on his show yesterday when he reported that the long-rumored Jay Z and Beyoncé joint album is almost done and yep, you guessed it, will be released exclusively on Tidal. During a taped segment on the music industry's new streaming wars, Skee reminded viewers that he broke the news about the joint album last year, and that now his "sources" gave him the Tidal scoop.

At first this sounds like a diabolical plan that can't fail. But Beyonce and Rihanna have already been releasing content exclusively to Tidal that we've managed to get despite not watching it on Tidal. As Skee points out, if people want something they'll find a way to get it.

Maybe Jay Z doesn't always win after all.