Jennifer Lawrence On That Slutty Power Lesbian Comment: “How Is That Offensive?”

‘How Is That Offensive’

by daniel barna

Jennifer Lawrence had a very busy Golden Globes, first presenting with her BFF Amy Schumer, then winning the Globe for Best Actress in a Comedy or Musical, and finally drawing the ire of the Internet for chiding a foreign reporter backstage, after she caught him reading his question off his phone. 

It was the second time in as many weeks that the once teflon Lawrence caused controversy. After telling Glamour that she thinks her style is "Slutty Power Lesbian", Lawrence was criticized by people who accused her of promoting the appropriation of lesbian style.

But if there is in fact a Jennifer Lawrence backlash brewing, as some have suggested, the actress seems pretty nonplussed about it. During an interview with Extra following the Globes, Lawrence addressed the Glamour controversy for the first time. "Slutty people exist, thank god. Lesbians are real, powerful lesbians are real," she said. "How could that be offensive? You being offended is almost offensive. Why can't power lesbians be slutty?"

It looks like Lawrence had no idea about the firestorm that awaited her once "Phonegate" hit the web, as she went on to discuss how hot she thinks Schumer's boyfriend is, as well as the film they're working on together, with typical Lawrence moxie. 

Watch the interview in its entirety above.