Jessica Simpson Drunk HSN Video

[insert shocked eyes emoji here]

Low-key, all-star business woman Jessica Simpson has a company that rakes in nearly $1 billion dollars a year. Who cares if she famously wondered whether Chicken of the Sea was chicken or fish? She’s the one laughing all the way to the bank and boardroom. Girl just sold out her collection on the Home Shopping Network, too, and spawned a mini-viral moment doing so.

You see, Simpson appeared to be a little…sloshed. Twitter was quick to say she was wasted, but that seems a bit harsh. Simpson was having a good time! She even challenged the gender binary after host Colleen Lopez tried to restrict Simpson’s collection to just women. (“Maybe men, too! You never know.”) Doesn’t seeing dollar signs flash past your eyes have the same effect as beer goggles? And even if she did knock a few back, Simpson has every reason to celebrate: She’s turned a reality-television stint into a thriving business. We’d be giggly, too, knowing everything we touch turns to gold.

(via Us Weekly)