editor’s pick: be jeweled

the only treasure you won’t want to hide

iPhone cases are like sunglasses; you can never have too many--and if you're anything like me, you're always on a non-stop subconscious hunt for a new one. It's like, I hit the streets to find a rad sweater at Topshop, where I'll pass by at least 10 phone case vendors, and every. single. time. I slow way down and stare. I just can't help myself. Who can resist all those cute animal faces, old-school Super Nintendo game controllers, chocolate bars, and album art?!

So if you can't get enough of wrapping your iPhone in something cooler than black rubber, I've got a real gem for you: this Jewels iPhone Case by Zero Gravity, which you might not be able to find at a case kiosk on a random street corner, but you can find in the NYLON Shop. This treasure instantly made me think of of Ring Pops and '90s stick-on earrings--and if you ask me, those are two gems I refuse to lock up in a chest and send straight to the bottom of the ocean.