Jimmy Eat World “Get Right” On Their Comeback Single

Long live the ’90s

Need a short break from all of the new Frank Ocean that was recently released? How about rewinding to the glory days of pop punk? Jimmy Eat World has officially announced its return with "Get Right," marking the band's first single in three years. Having premiered on BBC Radio 1’s Rock Show, the track will be featured on Jimmy Eat World's ninth studio album. While details are scarce, the album is expected for release on October 21.

As for the single, it's got a dark bite to it that will have you all revved up for the emo revival. The bass will drive you straight to the middle of a mosh pit, while Jim Adkins' voice commands you to "get loud" and "get right" among other things. There's a lot of angst loaded on this track, and it feels so good.

Many fans have noted that the track is reminiscent of Futures-era Jimmy Eat World, and we're inclined to agree with the comparison. (Funny enough, the next video that pops up immediately after this finishes playing out is "The Middle.")

Eat your heart out and listen to the song, below.