Jimmy Kimmel Reimagines ‘Do The Right Thing’

‘do the white thing’

by jenny lee

Spike Lee's 1989 classic Do The Right Thing shed an honest light on the happenings in Brooklyn's Bed-Stuy neighborhood, then filled with tension among the different racial groups occupying the area. Of course, Brooklyn has changed quite a bit since then, and Jimmy Kimmel took it on himself to drum up a short sequel, Do The White Thing, picturing life in the same New York borough, only 26 years later.

What results is a hilarious reimagining of the film that captures the essence of what Brooklyn is today: heavily gentrified and infested with hipsters who demand vintage scarves and gluten-free everything. “Do The Right Thing came out in 1989 and Brooklyn has changed a lot since then,” Kimmel explains in the opening segment. “There used to be muggers right in this neighborhood stealing old lady’s purses. Now those old lady purses are being worn ironically by hipsters in the area.”

Watch the video to see how Radio Raheem becomes Vinyl Raheem.