Joe Jonas Releases New Single With DNCE

your new favorite band

If you have been silently waiting like the rest of us to see what Joe Jonas' next move was, well, we've got our answer. He formed a new band called DNCE this summer with Jack Lawless (former drummer for the Jonas Brothers), JinJoo Lee (also former guitar player from Jonas' solo album Fastlife), and Cole Whittle (founding member of Semi Precious Weapons). DNCE premiered their first single, "Cake By the Ocean," last night on Z100 and Complex. The song is made of groove-heavy pop built on disco-jangly riffs with emoition and soul creating the best, most dance-able song we've heard in a while. Jonas is moving away from 12-year-old fan girl pop music to something more elevated and relvant to a different crowd, and we are excited to see what comes next.