John Mayer Made A Song About Bath Bombs

His body is now a wonderland

Somebody get John Mayer a beauty contract already. The singer’s made a habit out of sharing his skin-care regimen on his social media channels and, just the other week, revealed the secret to his youthful glow (hint: it involves being antisocial). Now, he’s taken his love for the industry and put it to song.

Mayer’s specific obsession this time is Lush’s Big Sleep Jelly Bomb. He’s such a big fan of its relaxing qualities, he started singing about it on his Instagram story. “Jelly bombs excreting/ All the things my body’s needing,” he declares. “As I climb into the bath/ Because my back just took a beating.” After sharing his impromptu a cappella verse, he exclaims, “Hey, that’s not bad!” And grabs his guitar to add some strings. 

TBD on whether his nighttime wind down will result in an official track, but someone should alert Lush to his love song. A bath bomb jingle courtesy of Mayer is viral marketing gold.