johnny appleseed hard apple cider

let the stories flow…

by Josh Madden

Now that it's officially spring and the weather is warming up, it's time for beverages to accompany the season.

Sometimes sitting on a sun-soaked patio with an ice cold beverage is the cure to a rough day. We've tried the new Johnny Appleseed Hard Cider and highly suggest you do the same. This cider is no joke--their team has locked in the perfect balance of sweet apple qualities with an intense refreshing bite, truly giving it a crisp taste that is unmatched.

Just like Johnny Appleseed himself, this company has been on a journey to bring a new beverage to the fast-growing cider category. It's been collaborating with over 750 consumers over the past three years to co-design everything, from taste to the sharp-looking packaging.

We're told Johnny Appleseed hard cider is best enjoyed on the rocks and among good with that being said, who wants to come over after work and enjoy one?

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-words by Yung Will