ch-ch-ch-changes for betsey!

by faran krentcil

Last year, Betsey Johnson showed us how to take a pair of jeans and turn them into leggings and a belt. This year, she's not just splitting some pants in half - she's doing it to her entire collection. When the Spring 2012 clothes hit shelves this week, they'll be divided into two categories: Betsey Johnson Collection, which features the usual party frocks and pink-trimmed leather trenches, and Betsey Johnson, which boasts jersey knits, sweaters, and denim minis. The "Collection" collection has prices up to $600; the newly revamped Betsey Johnson line averages at $85. And just in case you already spent your entire clothing budget on a new Proenza Schouler bag, there's one more Betsey clone out there: her new nail wraps feature prints straight from her runway clothes, and they cost $12 per box. Also: Betsey Johnson on NYLON TV is free (and fabulous).