Jordyn Woods Has The Key To Life

Spoiler: You are your own hero

by daniel huskey

Jordyn Woods exudes a preternatural confidence, a reflection probably of today's social media-empowered youth culture. As a conscientious consumer, she utilizes social media to produce imagery that challenges the aesthetic norms long established by traditional media. Her selfies promote physical and mental self-care while unabashedly celebrating her physicality in an unpretentious way. Her depiction of a body that generally goes unrepresented on the runways of Paris and New York broadens the cultural lens on what kinds of people can and do exist.  

The last year has been significant for Woods as she has transcended Instagram to impact the industries she critiques from within. Wilhelmina signed her onto their plus size board, and she just released her first clothing line, The Jordyn Woods Collection, a collaboration with Boohoo available in U.S. sizes 4-20. 

So what is her secret exactly? What is the key to staying so grounded and so gracious while taking on the notoriously superficial L.A. scene? Thankfully, in the video above, Woods lays down the law on how to always look and feel beautiful and reminds the world that they key to life is always found within.