Indie Rock Duo JR JR List Their Favorite Places To Eat Across America

When you're in a band that tours as much as


, it helps to know where to grab a killer meal in any given city. And while many bands might be satisfied with Chipotle five days a week, Joshua Epstein and Daniel Zott have make it a point to take full advantage of life on the road. That means hitting up their favorite spots any chance they get. Formerly known as Dale Earnhardt Jr. Jr., the Detroit natives have been spending the fall on the road, in support of their excellent, self-title record, and took took some out from the tour's final legs to tell us what some of those spots are. 

Girl and the Goat, Chicago

A place where you can eat late and get in easily after the dinner rush. It's got great food, and a ton of goat dishes. 

Hog and Hominy, Memphis

The poutine at this quaint spot was the best we've had. It's an incredible combination of down home Southern and fine dining. 

Guisados, Los Angeles

There are a ton of incredible taco trucks in L.A., but the best taco lies in Guisados. The homemade fresh tortilla sets it apart, and the chorizo taco is incredible. 

Sugarfish, Los Angeles

We always go to Sugarfish while in L.A. It's the best bang for your buck sushi in town. Consistency and quality are the staples. Always ask for the albacore belly. 

Selden Standard, Detroit

Chef Andy is one of the most humble men we have ever met. But his food speaks volumes to his talent. The whole grilled trout is a favorite, and the grilled local vegetables are always incredible. 

Ace Eat Serve, Denver

Ace is part ping pong club, part restaurant. The food is Asian inspired, and is all excellent. The chicken wings are wonderful, as are all the buns. Beef with broccoli is another to try. 

San Francisco, any Mission Burrito

We always end our San Francisco trip with a Mission Burrito. Unfortunately, the time we finish our show varies, and we have had to just go to the Mission District and eat wherever is open. Fortunately, it's always great. 

East Side King, Austin

In Austin, Paul Qui is building an empire of restaurants. His food truck in the back of liberty bar is one of our favorite spots. The fried beets are a real treat, and the Brussels Sprouts are herbal and fresh. 

Avo, Nashville

Jess Rice opened a raw, vegan spot in Nashville. The pad thai and pesto zucchini pasta will open the mind of even the staunchest carnivore. It's a really great idea, executed very well. 

Hampton Chutney Co., New York

This small place serves Dosas, which are almost like deconstructed burritos for lack of a better simile. It's a very filling and gluten free meal. And a cute little spot, too.