Jude Law Stars As a Rogue Submarine Captain in This Exclusive ‘Black Sea’ Featurette

Submarine thrillers are their own genre, and it's obvious why. moreThe claustrophobic, nowhere-to-hide setting lends itself to high-impact tension. Add in some cruise missiles and the mysterious ocean depths, and you've got the stuff Hollywood thrill rides are made from. But you can't have a good submarine pic without a steely, take-no-shit captain to take the lead, in our latest entry into the genre, Academy Award winner Kevin McDonald's Black Sea, that captain is played by none other than Jude Law.

But Black Sea is different from you average drum-beating, brink-of-war submarine thriller. Law plays a captain whose gone rogue after assembling his own crew to go after a sunken treasure. As these things go, the crew—trapped in such in a confined space—begin to turn on one another. We're proud to present this exclusive featurette that'll motivate you to get in line when the movie opens in NY and LA on January 23 and expands nationwide the week after that.